About Me

I am Brother Blood. In 2016, I will turn 50 years old, and will Thru-Hike the 2,192 mile Appalachian Trail. I will be I will be sharing my experiences and thoughts as I prepare, and embark on this journey.

I am sarcastic and irreverent. For me hiking is fun, not a spiritual journey to depart from a dark painful past. I just really enjoy hiking and being in the woods. I love the people, I love waking up outdoors, I love it all!!

Join me on Facebook: Alec Kohut, or Brother Blood’s 2016 AT Hike

Twitter: @atfootsteps



  1. Saw your entries on Trailjournals and was curious as I have never met any Kohut’s besides the Long Beach NY ones. Anyway was wondering why you have a blog and a trailjournals page too. Will keep watch, I really enjoy following along and often find myself near the trail in various part of the northeast and have been known to have brownies .


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