30 Days Out…and Video Project Rolling

When I decided to do a professional video project of the Trail, and not a glorified home movie, I wanted to get some average hikers, not “trail celebrities,” to share their stories, and thoughts. Their fears, their motivations, their plans of trail. My goals was four fellow hikers in the 2016 class.

I am happy to report that I found the first of these hikers and conducted my first pre-hike interview for the project. She was nervous, I was nervous, but the interview went great, with one small misstep on my part of forgetting to hit “record” for a small segment. Live and learn.

I have one more person on board, and have reached out to two others to complete the team. I do not have a set agenda, or outline of how the project will proceed, just a rough idea. I’m looking forward to where the project takes us.

My departure date is exactly one month away, Easter Sunday, March 27th. I will board the Midnight Train to Georgia at 6:30 pm, and arrive in Atlanta at 8:13 am March 28th. In Atlanta I will be joined by friends I met on the trail: Maverick, NoDoz, and Silver Fox, who will join me for the first four days on the journey.

I haven’t been training for the hike. I do plan on some day hikes of the “roller coaster” as my start date approaches, but mainly I will start slow, and hike myself into trail shape. What’s the rush?

And….as I write this, looks like hiker number three is on board for the video project.


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