Why Not Make A Video Documentary?

For a couple years I’ve watched mostly awful videos, masquerading as “documentaries” about the trail. Even I have a series of pretty awful videos about my hikes. But I have some fairly good equipment, and a desire to see something better than me, or anybody holding a selfie stick describing the scene as I hike into Shelter X, and see Sir Walks Alot.

No. I’d like to produce something more professional. Something not just focused on my hike. But get several hikes thoughts, before, during, and after their hikes. I will doing my first pre-hike interview with a thru-hiker on Thursday. Right now I’m keeping the names private of those I’m interviewing, just because it sounds like the right thing to do.

We’ll see how it progresses. And if anyone is within 2 hours of Northern Virginia, and want to share your thoughts about your hike, send me a message. I’m also tired of the pop culture view of the trail, that everyone hiking is somehow escaping a  deep, dark secret in their past. And the trail is sprinkled with magic fairy dust that transforms individuals into blissful and meaningful existence.

I actually love people that do go to the trail for clarity, or to change their life, or deal with trauma. I just hate the idea that everyone goes to the trail for that reason.

We’re closing in on a month away from starting date. The lawyers, Maverick and Silver Fox, along with NoDoz, are joining me for the first 4 days. At that point I’ll get my first re-supply and head on alone. Looking forward to seeing those three.

The clock is ticking.



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