Carrying A Satellite Tracker – One Concession I Made

I can’t say that my wife is thrilled about me leaving for 5-6 months to hike from Georgia to Maine. But she has been so wonderful and supportive, I couldn’t say no to one simple request: That I carry a satellite tracking/SOS device with me.

I choose the Delorme InReach SE. With a subscription plan that allows unlimited tracking, and unlimited messaging. The tracking is especially cool since I can embed the map on to my Facebook page, Brother Blood’s 2016 AT HIKE, and post a link on this blog at the “Track My Hike” tag.

Below is the tracking of overnight hike I did last September, including the car ride hole. The tracking interval was once every 10 minutes.

delorme screen

The device uses the Iridium network, so it rarely loses GPS signal.

My plan will include unlimited texting, and can Bluetooth with my phone, so composing texts is easy. However, sent text messages do take some time to be delivered. Depending on the strength of the signal, some messages took almost 20 minutes. Yet you recieve texts almost immediately.

So for an extra 8 ounces or so, my wife will have peace of mind, and my friends can track my hike like the Batmobile as I make my way to Khatadin.

All-in-all a pretty easy concession to make.


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